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Animal Profile

11052 Hope!
Dog Pit Bull Terrier
Tan/Yellow/Fawn with White Young Medium
Female Foster Adopted
Maybe No Yes

We are looking for a very special home for Hope. This two-year-old pit bull was found tied to a tree in the back yard of an abandoned home in Oakland in the spring of 2013. She was suffering from mange and, as we later found out, a heart contition. Hundreds of people donated towards her care, and she is recovering from her mange, and sucessfully has undergone heart surgery, which will give her a normal life span. She has lived in foster care over the past year, and has blosomed into a terrific girl. She is playful with other dogs, very loyal to her people, and loves to cuddle with both canine and human companions. Hope needs a gurdian who will continue to give her an inexpensive daily pill for her heart, and keep a close eye out for signs of a recurrence of mange. She may never experience mange again, but all dogs who have fallen prey to this condition need to be monitored for signs of a flareup. 

We think Hope would love to live with another dog, although if she has a nearby dog friend she would probably be content to live as an only dog. She gets very excited when she see's a cat, so best if no felines live in her home. She is completly house-trained, crate trained, and she loves to ride in the car. She walks well on leash, sleeps through the night, and would be an easy fit into many homes. You just need to have it in your heart to show her how nice the world can be and provide her with first-class medical oversite. Do you think you fit that bill? Then Hope is waiting to meet you!

To arrange for a meeting, please email her foster parents at stevelach@me.com or pandora_1967@yahoo.com. Also, please see her Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/followhopesstory and become one of her hundreds of friends!

There are two videos below. One was her promo video from last year before her heart surgery and while she still had mange. The other was filmed in June of 2014. Watch both and you can see the remarkable improvement in her skin and energy level!

*Hope comes with FREE lifetime petsitting for your away times courtesy of her foster parents!

Hope! is ID #11052 at the Oakland Animal Shelter.

All animals are listed as spayed/neutered, even if they currently are not, since they will be fixed before leaving the shelter. To adopt an animal, you must bring (A) one of the following: 1) proof of home ownership (e.g. property tax bill in your name, deed showing title in your name, or mortgage statement in your name); or 2) a rental contract that states pets of the type you wish to adopt are allowed; and (B) valid government-issued identification. In addition, all household members (including children) must come to the shelter to visit with the pet you wish to adopt. Please bring the animal's number with you to assist us in finding them in the shelter.

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